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WRITTEN IN THE 90'S:There use to be music on this site that I wrote over 38 years ago. Some of it, well maybe most of it, was laughable. That's ok. Laughing is a good thing. Like my car, if it makes you laugh, your less apt to blow my head off to steal it, right(?) So laugh, I can take it, I think.

Laugh at my psycho-eclecticism and funny phases. They were for the most part, honest attempts at claiming the psychic sound nebuli of my mind heart and soul.

When I first started composition in college I wrote a number of homages to Jimi Hendrix using my favorite themes and rhythms of his. As I expanded and entered the realms of 'serious art music' I wrote pieces based on other sonic properties and tonalities, even 12 tone and quartal harmony combined. Most of my early songs were basically diatonic, sticking within a given key and it's related major or minor.

When I moved out to the hi-desert I found, as you would expect, a pretty conservative crowd who weren't really interested in the noiseicianship skills I had developed from my years of living in LA. I did one coffeehouse show with the Acoustisizer, tape loops, sythns etc. and people got up and left. ok, so much for Industrial Music (sob sob, one of my faves). People in JT coffeehouses in the early 90's wanted their audio wall-paper simple, slow, low impact. Caffeine injestive friendly. So, I started playing a variety of Beatle, Jimi Hendrix, Blind Faith, and a host of other's songs for about a year until I couldn't take it any more! finally i started useing the Beatle songs etc. to vent my frustration by rewriting the words, adding a dissonant factor to the piano accompaniment and emphasizing the primal groove factor repeated over and over phillip glassingly trance-migrationally a seance of willingly out-a-bodily. The response was so-so. Now a new problem emerged. I had changed the words to address my environmental concerns mostly and the performance was kinda scarey-over-passionate at times, but worst of all i came off sorta rubbing stinky doo-doo eco-selfrightiousness in the audience's face. So I added a humor component and self effacement, and laughed whenever possible at my pathetic self. People started reacting much more favorably. I figured out the balance between serious songs like: My Planets Wasted And I Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith treatment) with My Black Moles Gone (comical Sound Garden Black Hole Sun treatment). This was kind of a break through for me: humorous PSA songs and songs advertising Great Books and rhinestone kitty collars to scare away the birds. When I first wrote Destruction Has No Memory I hadn't intended for it to become a commercial for a great book In The Absence Of The Sacred, but it just seemed to work.

WRITTEN 2009: Recently i retired most of my ecomaniac material since Al Gore's "Inconnvient Truth" came out. I think the human soul can only process and tolerate so much planet saddness cramed in it's face. These days I spend most of my music time in the moment improvising with no goal, no agenda, following a feeling trail, up and down, in and out, colors of self love, self hate, self a snorkel and a mask in a gallery of under Water Colors.