i just want to live under a grand piano sometimes! think about it . . . no complicated home house garden to protect maintain and get hot and possessive junk yard dog frowthing at the mouth about. i make a much better guest then i do a host / land owner / this is my property / mine mine mine, get out of here. MINE DAMN IT ! ! ! how much easier and fulfilling could life get: just tune a piano. that's it! give a piano lesson. jam. accompany. hang with people and share stuff. PARADISE! and when the opportunity arises hitch up to a vehicle or animal and head down the road to who knows where and who cares . . . . nomadic romantic thought huh(?) fuck the aches and pains and their dictatorial mandates of agony and impracticality. FUCK IT ! just as i tell myself i'm going to excercise today, words and thoughts, fleeting ephema-farts, self dangled carrot, inticing me on, chasing dreams a day to day segwaysublimatedmasterbationpoorxcuse4alifeanyway right now molten metals lay rusting, strings detensioning, everything in it's perfect entropic play pen, the possibility exists, hitch-hiking into eternity along / from / to / some Great Wal (over-night parking-lot tolerance), encircling the continent, the world, my fears, my poop ?


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