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Written in the 90's: I've always found it challenging to explain what exactly I do. People usually want to hear that you do one thing. If I rattle off a list of things they assume a 'jack of all master of none'. If I had to pick one tag it would be performance artist and it's new genre unexpectedness. Anythings possible, any combinations of mediums and most important live process, physical engagement: an opportunity to share. "show and tell" through some kind of performance PROCESS: Articulation - Demystification!!(does it ever bother you that so many things in our lives that we depend on are beyond our operational comprehension? this thought progression usually leaves me feeling powerless and depressed). Performance art empowers by letting you dissect the world and explain and understand it painstakingly slow and thouroughly!!!! until i've totally got it and you've totally got it and it spews out on our breath !!!!!

Performance art also feeds the insatiable curiosity and the lovely unpredictable 'whatever happens, happens' Spontaneous, serendipitous, anything and everything is perfect whatever is iz. Something different than the polished "art product" which hopes to manipulate, control and sell a predictable quota.

Written 2009: These days if someone asks me what I do it's simple "i'm a Public Piano Custodian" and I feel privelidged to have found this way to serve art. i bow down to art and to all who engage in it's truth seeking alchemy braving the stormy seas of judgemental based scarcity. Believe Big ! Public Pianos on every corner! on every continent! Orbiting the earth teathered To The Moon !!! and yes, a big YEY to all the Public Pianos out their sprouting about: Orange County Performing Arts and Luke Jerram and his 5 or 6 countrys worth !!!